Let's change the way we work


About Zenjob

Zenjob has created a platform through automated technologies and processes, which matches the needs of students with that of companies which require on-demand staffing. Through our Zenjob App, we offer side jobs for students in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Dusseldorf. Founded by Fritz Trott, Cihan Aksakal and Frederik Fahning in 2015, Zenjob has more than 160 employees from 17 different nations.


Our Mission & Vision

We have already paved the way towards a new way of work with a working model which offers freedom and flexibility. Our goal is to break up the inflexible structures of today’s working hours. In the future, we want all people to be able to decide where, when and how often they work.


Our Company Culture

As colorful as we are, what unites us is our enthusiasm for a new working world. Our four core values are highlighted below.



We treat our talents with respect and value our business partners.



We become the No. 1 in the German market. “No” is not an answer.



Telling a customer the truth can sometimes be painful. Still, we go for it.



Whatever our colleagues, clients or talents need, we help. No matter what.

Flexible jobs for students & reliable staff for companies

With our app, students can choose from a variety of jobs. Conversely, we offer companies the right platform to meet their staffing needs. Every month over 8.000 students finance their studies with the help of Zenjob and more than 1.100 companies place great trust in our talents.

Become part of our team!

Do you share our vision and our values? Then join us. Together with experienced developers, marketing foxes, sales machines and many other clever minds you can change the working world!


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